#NPM: A Monday Twitter Chat

I am doing well with writing poetry every day.  In fact, sometimes I even manage more than one poem — though of course more are in my notebook than on this blog.  Today’s poem I am posting serves as both a slice of life (since it is Tuesday) and a found poem inspired by last […]


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#NPM: The Reminder

While I did not publish a poem yesterday, I actually ended up writing two different poems in my notebook — I did share them with my writing group at least.  Today’s poem was written in response to this post by Allison Marchetti.  She invites her students to read and write their own version of rituals […]

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#SoL20: A Test of Distance

Two Writing Teachers have opened up their Slice of Life challenge at the midway point and I almost missed the deadline to join at the halfway point as well!  Luckily, I am slowly building into my writing routine to check out the blog on Tuesday so I managed to catch it. As you may have […]

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