Second Chances: TeachWritetober2020

Another week of writing in the books. Another week of struggles paired nicely with sweet, sweet success. Compared to last year, I feel more confident about my writing habits and, honestly, my students’ writing as well. It’s been so great to share my writing life with them and I always get a boost when they share with me. I’ve set them up as writers in many of the ways that have given me strength and I find myself mimicing my own mentors as I teach them.

So where has this gotten me?

15 Minutes Daily writing

As with last week, this week has had its ups and down at meeting this goal. Sometimes it’s a challenge just to meet the 15 minutes and other days — especially writing workshop days — I sail smoothly over that goal. I think this speaks to how important accountability and community are to me as a writer.

I write better when I am writing alongside others, even if those others are on a screen. There is a feeling of expectation. I am attending this Time to Write workshop. I have paid for my spot. I have carved this time out on my calendar. Others are writing at the same time. So girl, you are GOING to write.

Or, perhaps it’s the setting of goals that I want to meet for myself. I’ve been getting nothing but words of encouragement from my peers, my mentors, and my students. This confidence has made me feel like I can do a lot more than I used to and so even if it’s hard, I want to sit down and put in the time and the writing.

Or maybe it’s a bit of both.

Both. Both. Both. Both is good | The Road to El Dorado | Know Your Meme

31 NOtes in 31 days

This particular part of the challenge has taken on a life of its own. I’ve now had several other Time to Write members tell me that I inspired them to write notes to people as well this month. I can’t say if they are taking the exact same challenge, but they are definitely writing notes and they always credit me for the idea! It’s flattering and definitely makes me feel good about having started that.

It also makes me happy that I continue to get responses from my notes. It may be a quick shout of ‘thank you’ in the halls or a text message from someone who’s dog nearly ate their envelope. Whatever the case, I’m just glad I can spread a little joy this month through these small notes.

I’ve written 19 notes as of this posting.

4000 Words of Fiction

I really wasn’t sure if this was a story I wanted to return to, but I guess by taking away the anxiety of writing “perfectly” I’ve been able to embrace fiction writing again. I still don’t know if it’s going anywhere, or if I’ll even do something with it. However, I’m just trying to enjoy writing for writing’s sake and not make it about “doing” anything.

That said, since last blog post I’ve written 1,989 new words in pursuit of this novel. It’s rough. Some of the words got dumped into a different document because they didn’t fit the story any more. But they were words that I wrote and so I am counting them. I’m letting myself play in this story and I think that is making all the difference.

This actually makes me want to give NaNoWriMo another go next month — but would it be in pursuit of this story or trying to write something new? I haven’t decided, but it’s definitely something I’m toying with and I’ll get back with you on in a future blog.

Five Blog Posts

I really do think that using my blog as a place to reflect on my weekly writing habits and progress has helped me stay on top of these goals. I can’t necessarily say the same for my #OLW goal writing, but the month is still young-ish. Perhaps I can come up with a quick, funny blog to post here in the next week. Or, maybe it’s time to consider a new #OLW. ‘LAUGH’ was certainly a good word to START the year with, but it might not be the word I need to focus on any more.

Hmm. Something to think on as I move into the next seven days.


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