#SoL20: A Test of Distance

slice of life_individualTwo Writing Teachers have opened up their Slice of Life challenge at the midway point and I almost missed the deadline to join at the halfway point as well!  Luckily, I am slowly building into my writing routine to check out the blog on Tuesday so I managed to catch it.

As you may have noticed, I have already been posting slices, but now I can say I’m officially joined in the #SoL20 challenge.  The following slice was composed today while working with my #TeachWrite group and processing this whole social distancing thing.

I busied myself preparing for the second day of social distancing and, more specifically, working with students in an online capacity.  As an introvert, I wasn’t too worried.  In fact, it almost felt like a challenge.  How long COULD I avoid going out and not interacting with others?

I had converted my kitchen table into my new teacher desk and everything was spread out just like it would be at school: stacks of books, papers to grade, and lots of pens.  Just as I was settling in with my coffee (another staple of my school life now brought home), my phone buzzed.  It was a text message from my mom:

“Making taco soup if you want to come for dinner.”

I didn’t reply, at least, not right away.  This was a dilemma I had not fully considered.  A test of how committed was I to following the protocols of social distancing.  I ran through the points to consider:

  1. I am a school teacher who until Friday was in contact with the masses.  Symptoms can incubate for two weeks.
  2. My parents have still been going to work — encountering who knows what masses.
  3. While the state currently has low numbers, everything I’ve read hints at this being deceptive.
  4. My parents are older and my mom is border-line diabetic.  Diabetics have been hit particularly hard by all of this.

It’s not like they’re going out to eat.  It’s not like it’s a crowdThe chances of exposure are minimal, right?  

I tried to justify it, but in the end I knew what the right call was to make.  I knew I’d rather be paranoid now than regretful later.  I picked up my phone and replied:

“Appreciate the offer.  But I am going to pass.”


5 thoughts on “#SoL20: A Test of Distance

  1. I hate that this pandemic is making distance between older people and their families. Completely appropriate and understandable, but sad nonetheless. My mom is 70 years old. She comes over every morning to help my kids get to school since I am a teacher and my school starts way earlier than my students. Now, we are keeping our distance. We are calling and face timing but she misses us and we miss her. I hope things get better soon.


  2. I completely understand your fear. My mom is 76 and has lung problems. This virus is testing us all in many different ways. I applaud you for your decision as I know how difficult it was.


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