#NPM: A Monday Twitter Chat

I am doing well with writing poetry every day.  In fact, sometimes I even manage more than one poem — though of course more are in my notebook than on this blog.  Today’s poem I am posting serves as both a slice of life (since it is Tuesday) and a found poem inspired by last night’s #TeachWrite Twitter chat.  I can’t necessarily attribute who said what line, but just know that most of these were pulled from the tweets and replies shared by many teachers during that chat.  Such powerful words that I have now arranged in this poem.  I consider it a slice of life because it captures my own writing journey and a moment on time shared on Twitter with fellow teachers and writers.  (Poem 10/30)

A Monday Twitter Chat

Reflect on the simple things, anything

that keeps me writing.

Writing is writing regardless of

who you are

where you live

your age or your gender.

My words, your words

OUR words hold the same meaning.

My writing is in the moment,

building and growing with each stroke of the pen

each turn of the page

each clack of the keyboard.

I see and feel the power of a notebook,

of a blog

of a community.

Writers coming together

the foundation of resilience.

I show up to write and keep on writing.


4 thoughts on “#NPM: A Monday Twitter Chat

  1. This is a wonderful collection of words and phrases that seems to capture this time well. I popped into that chat late and saw that it was, indeed, a powerful conversation.


  2. I loved you synopsis of of last night’s chat…”Community keeping us sane!” I loved hearing you read your poem, and I loved reading it again myself. Makes me want to keep writing.I think I will.


  3. Nice! I have been writing found poems this month with my theme of “Finding Poetry.” It’s fun to take someone else’s words or a line to create something new.

    My favorite lines:

    My writing is in the moment
    building and growing with each stroke of the pen
    each turn of the page
    each clack of the keyboard.

    Nicely done!


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