#NPM: The Reminder

While I did not publish a poem yesterday, I actually ended up writing two different poems in my notebook — I did share them with my writing group at least.  Today’s poem was written in response to this post by Allison Marchetti.  She invites her students to read and write their own version of rituals (inspired by John Green’s poem “The Return”) and so I did just that. Poem 5/30.

The Reminder

We are heartened

when each week

the teacher writers

sign on.

They occupy a small space,

write their notebooks, slices, and poetry,

coming together at Jen’s call — Okay, Writers

for their virtual glitter.

They remind us,

for now, some rituals

of this good earth




2 thoughts on “#NPM: The Reminder

  1. I love how you wrote using the mentor from 30 Go Poems. That is an awesome website!

    Jen’s call–okay writers and virtual glitter are my favorite lines. Nice job!


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