A Forgotten Town

Today’s Slice of Life writing comes from inspiration I had while driving south to see my sister and her family. I don’t mind long drives because it gives me time to listen to audiobooks or podcasts or just reflect on the scenery as I drive. It can be dull, but sometimes you drive through little […]


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A View from my Balcony

Now that the weather is reaching that spring-time sweet spot of partially cloudy-to-sunny and cool without being cold, I would like to enjoy the outdoors a bit more from my balcony.  Thus, a cleaning has been prompted. I step out onto the small balcony of my apartment, big enough to hold two lawn chairs and […]

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#NPM: Doodling & Writing

I must confess something to you all.  I am a writer, that much has been clear for awhile, but what you might not know is that I am also a doodler.  Today I was reminded of that when I saw an infograpic and brief piece about “What Doodling Says About Your Personality Type.”  Much like […]

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#SoL20: New Reading Spaces

This weekend I have spent a lot of time with my nose in a book.  I tried changing things up by reading in different places in my apartment that I don’t typically read.  Mainly to avoid falling asleep in my bed when I shouldn’t. One day, it was the spare room in my apartment.  Despite […]

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#SoL20: A Refresh

Self Distancing is hard, but that’s why trying new things is important. I read in a different room of my apartment today — curling up with a book in the spare room I set up as a library but never read in.  It was nice, even if the warmth coming in from the windows made […]

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#SoL20: Breaking Bread

I have never baked bread before.  Never have I witnessed for myself the magic of dough doubling in size after sitting undisturbed for an hour.  I have never pushed and pressed at bread dough on my kitchen counter, finding a rhythm and sticking to it.  Never have I watched and waited for yeast to mix […]

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#SoL20: Polish, Poise, and Peace

In thinking of ways to promote self-care, I immediately thought of pedicures.  Not only because my mom and I made a habit of getting them done on occasion, but also because I finished a book recently (Little Bee by Chris Cleave) that mentioned nail polish.  In the book, one of the main characters — Little […]

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