#SoL20: New Reading Spaces

This weekend I have spent a lot of time with my nose in a book.  I tried changing things up by reading in different places in my apartment that I don’t typically read.  Mainly to avoid falling asleep in my bed when I shouldn’t.

One day, it was the spare room in my apartment.  Despite calling it the library, I don’t necessarily read in there very much.  I have two book shelves in there and it is where my dog’s kennel is kept.  I do have a recliner in there though, for when I do feel the urge to read.  I tried it out the other day and it really make me question why I don’t read in there more often.  There’s a pleasant view of the copse behind my apartment — a large window with plenty of sun.  And, since I’m on the backside of the apartment complex, I don’t necessarily have to worry much about people peaking in on me.  It was nice and I even had Alexa play Classical music for me as I read.

Today, I decided to change it up again and moved out to my porch.  After all, the sunshine was finally back and it was warm enough to be enjoyable without being overbearing.  I don’t use this area much because I do not like bugs and in the South it gets unpleasantly hot very quickly.  My porch is small: room enough for two lawn chairs and a small table.  I took a Diet Dr. Pepper out there and propped my feet on the table as I read.   My dog even joined me after a few minutes, once he noticed I was no longer inside.  We spent a pleasant 20-30 minutes or so reading outside and, if my chairs were more comfortable, I probably could have lasted longer.

As it stands, of the places I normally curl up with a book I don’t think my bed will be beaten any time soon.  However, I would say that the second most comfy spot to read is my library.  I’ll be returning for a visit very soon and try to do better about utilizing all of my spaces.


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