#SoL20: Breaking Bread

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I have never baked bread before.  Never have I witnessed for myself the magic of dough doubling in size after sitting undisturbed for an hour.  I have never pushed and pressed at bread dough on my kitchen counter, finding a rhythm and sticking to it.  Never have I watched and waited for yeast to mix and dissolve with warm water.  I never expected it to feel so magical, and yet despite its simplicity that’s what it feels like: magic.

For the first time in my life, I have made bread.  Not cookies.  Not a cake.  Not even banana bread.  Just a regular loaf of bread, because of all the times to learn something new, this seemed like it.  I got the idea a few days ago when out shopping for other supplies, but I’ve been putting off the actual execution of it for several days.* I was intimidated by it.  I’ve baked all kind of goodies before, but something about ‘yeast’ and ‘kneading’ as part of the ingredients made me cautious to try.

As I write this post, I am currently on the last leg of my bread making: baking.  I can’t speak for its taste yet — perhaps I will compose a blog entry over that another day — but I will say the process itself was as easy as it sounded.  It really isn’t difficult as far as directions go, just a lot of waiting.

Still, after each period of waiting, the bread changed and I was mesmerized by its transformation.  Yeast bubbling and fizzing, liquid-y dough coming together with each cup of flour added, and of course the rising.  I let out a squeal of delight when I pulled back the towel I had covered my bowl with to discover my dough was double what it had once been.

Even if this turns out poorly, I will say the process of making it was extremely fun.  I’m already making plans to buy more flour next time I go to the store — though hopefully shortages in flour are not as common as shortages in other goods right now.

*If you are curious about which recipe I used, here is a link.


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