#NPM: This Is Not a Poem About Toilet Paper Shortage

I apologize in advanced for this particular poem.  Usually we think of poetry as celebrating the beautiful aspects of life.  This is not that kind of poem.  I almost didn’t want to share it, a slice of life poem highlighting a current failing of mine.  But, then again, I believe it is fairly relatable.  And wouldn’t a true slice of life expose and explore the good aspects of life along with the bad?

So today I bring you a poem about my bathroom. (Poem 23/30)

This is Not a Poem About Toilet Paper Shortage

This is about a shortage

on motivation.

Despite seeing it multiple times

every day

I cannot bring myself to clean my bathroom.

I’m the only one to see

the streaks on the mirror,

the curled hair resting in the sink,

the filled trash can,

and the film along the toilet bowl.


Somehow putting it into words

induces more shame than the sight.

Prompted by shame as opposed to disgust,

as long as there is some motivation left.

This is all just to say

I should clean my bathroom

after writing this poem.


2 thoughts on “#NPM: This Is Not a Poem About Toilet Paper Shortage

  1. LOL. Congratulations on your courage to write about the lack of motivation to complete household tasks. I keep thinking I will do so many things around the house now that I have so much more time. I have not. You have made me feel the need to clean out my closet and get clean clothes put away! Thanks.


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