#SoL20: Lunch Break

Another aspect of school I miss is eating lunch with both colleagues and students.  Lunch with colleagues and students though wasn’t so bad.  On Fridays, one of the girls in my writing class would have lunch in my room.  She didn’t like eating in the cafeteria.  She wasn’t the first student to take lunch in my room.  A few students would come in occasionally to discuss politics or attempt to convince me to watch The Office.

If I didn’t have students in my room, I could always go down the hall and join my fellow English teachers for lunch.  Ms. Pond always had extra snacks for myself or students who had forgotten their lunch.  Ms. Henry was always there to cheer me up if I was down.

I do not miss lunch duty — especially outside lunch duty in the winter.  I always had to remember to wear layers in January and remember to check the weather.  It was my job to tell students if they were allowed to eat outside or not.  It could be 30 degrees and students would still opt to sit outside if I didn’t come along.

At least it’s warmer now, so eating outside wouldn’t be so bad.  I should call one of them around lunch time this coming week.


2 thoughts on “#SoL20: Lunch Break

  1. You should! I’ve been reading that in other teacher’s slices. My sons have been in contact with both of their teachers this week. My second grader cried seeing his teacher’s face making it so bittersweet. This post here feels down, but in that honest, straight to the point kind of way. Like the juxtaposition of the things that aren’t generally pleasant as a school year crawls by, are now the things we miss. I hope that comes off complimentary and not a criticism of your slice. There’s beauty in the routine and the mundane parts of our days. I liked reading this one very much… call one of those kids. They’ll appreciate being missed 🙂


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