#SoL20: Teacher Shoes

slice of life_individualI was flipping through my notebook for ideas this morning, not exactly knowing what I wanted to write, and I found an entry (a free form poem) from January titled “Teachers Shoes.”

Kicked off as soon as I get home,

Laces loose and ready to slip on.

The insides are worn from feet

Dug deep into soles.

These shoes must be ready to accept

hard work and long days.

My shoes do the work, my socks have the fun:

Cartoons, colors, patterns and pizzazz.

Whereas my shoes are practical, functional

my socks have a unique personality, charm.

I am not the teacher in heels,

Those could never match my teacher shoes.

And as I read back on this piece I realize my teacher shoes have changed once again.  I am no longer the teacher in practical sneakers and colorful socks, I’ve switched to cozy slippers and fuzzy socks.  Something has to remain colorful and fun in these trying times.

My teacher shoes, when I even have my slippers on, are now just as vibrant and charming as the socks I typically wear.  Appropriately, my slippers also say “But first…coffee” on each foot and are a bright, vivid pink.

Of all the the things that have changed for me as a teacher in the past week, I suppose that one isn’t so bad.


5 thoughts on “#SoL20: Teacher Shoes

  1. Ah, the comforts of home. Fun post, and fun socks! Comfortable shoes and socks are teaching essentials—always. Here’s to happy feet this weekend!


  2. I love thinking about teacher shoes and socks. “My shoes do the work, my socks have the fun:” That’s my favorite line. This is sometimes true for me although my socks don’t receive a lot of attention under my sweatpants. (I’m a PE specialist)


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