#SoL20: Cozy Canine

slice of life_individualToday’s small pleasure is sitting at my kitchen table (turned teacher’s desk) and watching as my dog, Cooper, trots out from the bedroom.  This has been our new normal for the past week.  He sacrifices his spot on the bed to join me for work.  Granted, that is partially because I have put a blanket down beside me. If my dog has one weakness it is nesting in a blanket.

Today I decided to upgrade from just a blanket to a dog bed.  I should add, I have had a dog bed for him since I got him and he just never sees fit to use it.  Not that I can blame him when there are perfectly good pillows and blankets to curl up with on my bed and my couch.  Still, I figured I could try and maybe the dog bed would finally see some use.

I had the idea last night that maybe if I threw a blanket OVER the dog bed, he would use it.  I don’t know if it is the blanket or the proximity to me, but sure enough this morning my dog once again joined me for work.  He curled up on the dog bed and blanket and was dozing again in a few short minutes.

He’s the only one I don’t mind snoring in class.


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