#SoL20: Trying to Plan

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Tomorrow begins Spring Break for our school district, but it doesn’t feel like much of one since we have already been gone for a week due to the virus.  That being said, I am grateful for the break because that gives me time to put some plans together.  I’m a planner, it’s what I do, and the unknown sends me into panic attacks sometimes — though being a teacher has cured me of the worst of that.

Here are some things I would like to accomplish this week:

I want to try my hand at baking bread, I braved the grocery store to get some yeast when I did my last stock up.

I want to dedicate a little time each day to coloring or solving a word puzzle — I have plenty of those lying around that typically only get used when I travel.

I want to finish grading work from the nine weeks that was cut short.  We were told to have grades in by March 30 and luckily I only have  a few more things to wrap up.

I want to keep writing with my writing groups and maybe reach out to others for some kind of collaborative writing (does anyone else remember Round Robins?)

I want to try to get back into a yoga practice again.  No sense in sitting around on the couch all day.

And, who knows, maybe if the weather warms up or stops raining, I can even venture outside and try to do some geocaching while also social distancing.


One thought on “#SoL20: Trying to Plan

  1. All fascinating ideas on how to spend this extra time. I have recently read about the importance of getting outside, self care, and connecting with others during these weeks. It looks like you are well on your way.


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