#NPM: Doodling & Writing

I must confess something to you all.  I am a writer, that much has been clear for awhile, but what you might not know is that I am also a doodler.  Today I was reminded of that when I saw an infograpic and brief piece about “What Doodling Says About Your Personality Type.”  Much like […]


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A Belief in Language

When I was 13 I believed I would go to Hell for cursing.  My first memory of using foul language was about that same time.  I was goofing off at a friend’s sleepover with several other girls and one of them body slammed me while I was attempting to hide under some pillows.  I remember […]

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Honeysuckle Memory

They say that memory is tied to smell and I can think of no example better than every year when I am slammed in the face with the scent of honeysuckle. It usually occurs during the transition from spring to summer. That time of year is always a strong reminder of the days I spent at […]

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Failure: It’s Sometimes an Option

While I may not have been posting here, I have at least been writing with my students.  So much so that I have a backlog of entries I would like to share in this space, starting with the piece I just finished using classification and division writing.  Students started these in-progress writing pieces yesterday and […]

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