One Little Email

Have you ever had the following happen to you: you’re searching for an idea to write about because you decided to set a goal that involved writing for a specific theme. You think and you think. You look for ideas everywhere you can think of, but nothing seems to be “it.”

When I originally established “Laugh” as my one little word, I had this idea that once school started I would be able to collect more funny moments in class. And, sure, there have been brief sentences that made me chuckle or an amusing answer was given for attendance questions — but ultimately nothing felt like it was worth a whole blog.

Although, even as I write this, I am considering perhaps a list series of funny moments captured over the course of a month. At least that feels like it would constitute an entry.

However, this still leaves me with this problem: what do I blog about THIS month to continue my goal towards writing about the word ‘LAUGH’ once every month.

And then I got an email from our I.T. guy.

Now, our I.T. guy has no doubt been busy throughout the course of COVID-19, especially as we have returned to school and are juggling multiple learning management systems, virtual and hybrid students, and God knows what other technological hullabaloo. And I think when most people imagine their typical I.T. person they imagine someone who is not great at the whole “communication” thing and their humor probably involves obscure computer lingo and references to old school technology.

Our I.T. guy’s humor is something different, though I believe it could only originate from the mind of someone who ascribes to a particular brand of meme/gif internet culture. But it’s also the kind of humor that comes from someone who reads things like Good Omens because it is the kind of humor that relies on footnotes and reading between the lines for a laugh.

And despite everything, his emails always seem to illicit a chuckle or two from me when I read them. For instance, when the connectivity was poor one day he sent the following email:

Many of you may have noticed how the internet dropped connections just a short while ago… and then it happened again. 

Our filtering appliances are currently experiencing an issue with getting their information from their parent source. Unfortunately the appliances are functioning properly, and so is our internet. Our filtering company is working on this and once the issue is resolved our appliances will be able to get their configurations in real time.

In the meantime – if you want to help with the process please disconnect your ethernet cable from the wall outlet and hold it so that the connector end is pointing directly at the floor. If your elbow is at a right angle you are doing it correctly. This will drain any residual ethernet from inside them. Then you can reconnect the cable to its original port.

TL:DR – The “Cloud” is storming right now and the rain is soaking through our umbrella. I’m installing a new handle and cover on the umbrella while also using it to fly through the air in 70mph winds like Mary Poppins.

The email ended with a gif of a malfunctioning umbrella: popping off the handle and then opening when it hit the floor. It was brilliant. It served as an informational email while also being entertaining. A smart move, since I imagine many people just ignore emails from their tech guys. I’ve made sure to reply to the emails he sends when they make me laugh, letting him know that he’s brightened someone’s day.

Once, he replied back: “Humor is essential this year!”

And I couldn’t agree more.


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