#SoL20: Looking Back, Moving Forward

This week I shared with students we were going to do the Classroom Slice of Life Story Challenge.  I’m nervous and excited for them, but mostly hopeful that they will see the benefit and joy of doing it.  I actually got to speak to two students over Hangouts today and address some points of confusion.  But, really, it isn’t much different than the kinds of blogs they were writing already.  I hope I was able to make them feel not so overwhelmed and I definitely made sure to share with them my own successes and struggles with the teacher version of the challenge that we are finishing today.

I want them to blog/write every day, but I know that may not be happening.  One of the students I spoke to was quite honest with me when I asked her how writing had gone prior to this (as one of their distance assignments is to Notebook daily).

“I wrote in my notebook…two times last week I think?”

“Yeah?  Well, I know I said to notebook every day, but much like the request that you read for 10 minutes every day, I understand that squeezing in that time right now can be hard.  I’m glad that you were able to notebook twice.  I hope that you can write even more this week — I know it’s been hard since we aren’t all writing together any more and I don’t post a daily prompt for you guys.”

I made sure to remind her of the resources I had shared on our Google Classroom — various prompts and writing starters that I hoped would help in lieu of my usual classroom prompts.  We talked about blogging and the challenge and it made me happy that I was opening up this opportunity to expose my students to bloggers beyond their classroom (though I hope more high school students sign up to the challenge).

Looking back, I am glad I was able to join #SoL at least partway through.  I need to make sure I mark my calendar for next year’s challenge and, of course, continue to participate in Tuesday Slice of Life writing.  I will honestly probably try to match my students blogging as I have been doing before — they leave me such nice comments on Kidblogs.

On top of that, I am gearing up to participate in poetry month, both in my reading and my writing.  I am hosting a poetry reading challenge on #Litsy inspired by haikus.  I also was able to get a huge stack of verse books from our school librarian, so that should keep me busy for most of April.

post image

Along with reading poetry, I hope to write poetry daily for #NaPoWriMo — perhaps even sharing it here on this blog.  I know I will be continuing to draw inspiration from Amy Ludwig VanDerwater‘s notebooking sessions, as well as, the Go Poems blog.  Who knows, maybe I can also write reviews or poems about the poetry I’m reading too!

Either way, I’m glad I participated in this challenge as it has definitely helped keep me sane during these strange times.


One thought on “#SoL20: Looking Back, Moving Forward

  1. As an elementary teacher, sometimes I’m a bit jealous of teachers who get to write with older students. Best of luck with the rest of the school year. I believe writing will be a bright spot for some of your students, just as it has been for many of us.


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